Since the childhood, we have been often advised to “do what we love” and “follow our dreams and passions.” But in reality that happens with very few youngsters.

On the contrarary a bitter truth is, many people simply don’t know what they’re enthusiastic about, while others are interested in multiple subjects and can’t narrow down their options. As a result, picking a career path for such students and their parents can be stressful and complicated.

And to tackle this challenge of deciding a career goal, the good news is that there are various aptitude tests available to assist you choose which career or profession is most suited to you based on the traits, talents, values, abilities and personality.

What Exactly Is a Career Aptitude Test?
A career aptitude test is a test that you take to learn more about yourself and to find what jobs you might thrive in. Career Aptitude Tests are typically administered online or offline in the form of a lengthy quiz that covers a variety of topics. The purpose of these questions is to elicit your personality, values, talents, motivations, and preferences and match them to the most appropriate professional sectors and career routes for you.

How Can a Career Aptitude Test Assist Me?
Different career aptitude tests consider various factors.
Some assessments, for example, focus entirely on analyzing a particular component, such as your personal beliefs and values. Others consider a variety of issues, including your professional skills, talents, strengths, and other personal views.
whatever questions are asked, the final objective of each career aptitude test is to assist you in identifying career possibilities and work environments that match with your personal ambitions. These test observations are also valuable for assessing the possible success and job satisfaction that various career paths may provide.

How Reliable Are Job Aptitude Tests?
Professional psychologists and test developers create, test, and research career aptitude tests.
Most career aptitude tests utilize a standardized test module which is based on Guilford’s Structure of Intellect (SOI) model, while some other career aptitude tests uses the Holland Codes, a system developed by Dr. John L. Holland, an academic and psychologist. These codes have been shown to provide consistent and accurate results in matching people with jobs that match their interests.
As a result, it is safe to say that career aptitude tests are a trustworthy tool you can use to help guide you in your professional life.

Is It necessary to sit for a Career Aptitude Test?
Yes, taking a career aptitude test is essential, especially if you are a student or an entry-level professional who is unsure of what career path to take.
You’ll gain an enhanced awareness of your skills, weaknesses, strengths, and attributes after obtaining the results, and you’ll be ready to use them to make an informed and thoughtful career decision.

How Do I discover my Professional Interests?
Apart from taking a career aptitude test, here are some other ways to discover your career interests:
List any hobbies around which you are interested. If you enjoy writing, it could lead to a career as a journalist.
Think about keeping track of your favorite internships, classes, and projects. Which ones did you find the most satisfying?
If you have previous work experience, think of the positions you enjoyed the most and reduce those that no longer interest you.

How Do I Pick the Best Career?
Knowing who you are and what you want professionally is essential when deciding on a career path.
As a result, make certain that you identify your:
Technical abilities include data analysis, Microsoft Office, photography, and so on.
Personality traits include being outgoing, confident, and loyal.
Communication, leadership, and time management are examples of soft skills.
Hobbies and interests include public speaking, dancing, board games, and so on.
Natural talents include writing, project management, active listening, and so on.

How do we conduct Aptitude Test?
The test that we conduct, measures eight abilities namely Cognition, Reasoning, Figural Memory, Spatial, Verbal, Social, Numerical ability and Numerical Memory and five orientations namely Knowledge, Practical, Artistic, Social and Power as well as coping styles.

What happens after the test?
First important thing is that Psychologists are trained for test administration and supervision. Reports are given within 7 to 10 working days for written test.
Test report is available in any English, Marathi and Hindi language.
Student report consists of the scope for improvement as per test scores in detail.
Trained career advisors will then conduct the guidance sessions for the students appeared the Aptitude Test.
It is advised that, at least one parent should accompany the student to attend the guidance session. The duration of individual guidance session is approximately half an hour to one and half hour.
Career advisors explain the report thoroughly while considering the family background of the student, student’s interest and what the actual test report suggests after which educational field is suggested.
All the queries and problems regarding the student’s career are discussed by the career advisor in the session.