Effective Parenting in Competitive World (EPIC)

Parenting is one of the tough jobs today, especially in the era which is dominated by technological developments and challenges in and around society today.
A designation called Parenting can be achieved without giving any exams and without studying any courses. Though becoming a parent is a proud feeling, gives a sense of achievement in life but most of the time we struggle being a parent. Many things we face at the very first time in our life make parenting a journey of trials and errors. (Errors more in fact!)
Every child is unique in the way he is born and brought up. The same is the case for his learning life skills as he grows. Each one thinks differently. Hence to have a better understanding of how children behave and why do they behave the way they behave, we are bringing a unique program on Parenting.

This program will prepare parents for Parenting so that the relationship between parent and child will grow considerably avoiding conflict. This workshop will also give insight to parents about the children, their thinking, and the way they process the tasks given to them.
My child is too possessive
He is too impatient
She is not listening to me
She always demands my attention
She is always jumping
She irritates me all the time
He is very lazy
He is always complaining
He is very aggressive
He keeps on writing wall
He very adamant
She is too shy….
And the list goes on… these problems of parents and children are never-ending.
As parents are the key role players in upbringing a child, this program has been designed considering needs of today’s parents as such. Once the parent builds an understanding with the children regarding his / her emotional, physical, and social needs, the entire parenting changes.
The workshop is the resultant of a survey of more than 50000 thousand students who answered 24.50 lakhs of answers. Hence what you learn in the workshop is shear practical insights, reasons why we fail as parent,s and what we need to follow in order to be a better parents.
This workshop is packed with expert advice, key strategies & examples of optimistic parenting, this program reveals the secrets of raising happy, confident & well-adjusted children…. Plus there are plenty of indirect benefits of this workshop.
A parent won’t remain the same as he walks out of the workshop.


Parenting is not about parents it’s about children. Unfortunately, parenting has been considered from the perspective of what PARENTS WANT rather than what CHILDREN WANT. This only created lot many problems in our relationships with our own kids.
Parenting coaching helps parents decide the right course of action for them to deal with a certain situations in parenting. These situations and issues also change with time as the kids grow up.

Parents are required to play a key role in understanding, grooming, and developing their children’s emotional, physical and social requirements.

The workshop has been build upon parents themselves as they are allowed to discuss, ask questions, share ideas with other parents, and be provided with some ideas and practical strategies.
The workshop makes parents understand how things are going – what can work and what didn’t!!

Broad Outline of the Parenting Workshop

Integrated with experienced advice, key strategies, and real-life examples of result-oriented parenting, the workshop reveals many secrets of happy parenting.
At first, this workshop will make you understand how our approach is creating an uncomfortable situation for us. It also focuses on the issues that justify the need for parenting workshops in today’s fast life.
Then using little games, processes, meditations parents are made to understand what changes they are required to make in their day-to-day parenting to make their parenting a memorable experience.

Within 3~4 hours of this workshop, we have seen many parents have changed their lifestyles, adopted a change in their behavior, started loving their kids more than what they used to do, started sharing more with their own children, started respecting children.

This course is intended for parents only.
Parents today are the result of at least twenty years old society. And the technological, social changes are so fast that these parents started experiencing a great amount of pressure to cope with fast-changing standards of Living, society, and technology.
For Great Achievers, Parenting is not just teaching or preaching rather it’s sharing of our own experiences, making them realize the importance of effective parenting in a competitive world.