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Live your life based on choices that you make, NOT on chances that you get!… Manoj Purohit

Great Achievers is a brain child of Mr. Manoj Govind Purohit, who carries more than 23 years of experience working as IT professional in India and abroad.

Great Achievers, is primarily focuses on developing human potential to best of their abilities. Till today Great Achievers has reached to thousands of students, youths and parents across India and have touched lives of more than that.

Great Achievers was founded in year 2008 with three designers and Mr. Manoj Govind Purohit himself. And from last more than eight years now, “Great Achievers” has trained thousands of people in every walks of life and in almost every age group.

Students, Teachers, Sportsmen, Businessmen, Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Entrepreneurs, Employees, Housewives, MLM salesman, Police Department, Social Activists, etc. all who wish to gain knowledge in self development leading to a successful life with Happiness and Peace have been benefited largely by his talks, workshops and seminars.

Great Achievers activities can be clubbed in two different segments such as Services and Workshops. wherein all activities are mentioned. Our Services include variety types of testing provided by finest organizations in the world. They include tests like, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test known as DMIT, Aptitude Testing, Scholastic Ability Test (SAT), Personality Type Testing (PTT), Pre-Marriage and/or Post-Marriage Satisfaction Scale Test, Reading Ability Test (RAT).

Great Achievers has basket of seminars, workshops and programs like Effective Parenting in Competitive World, Youngster’s Effective Parenting (YEP), Youngster’s Encouragement Program (YEP), Ek Duje Ke Liye, A new beginning for couples, Staying Out Away from Parents (SOAP), Count Down to Exams (CDTE), Becoming Effective Teacher (BET), Train The Trainer Program (TTTP) etc…

Great Achievers is the outcome of Mr. Manoj Govind Purohit’s constant interaction with thousands of students whom he trained for Computer Hardware, Networking and Linux Industry. In year 2008, he started working as Life Management Coach, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Counselor. He is certified practitioner of National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming. He is also certified student counselor.

Achieving your DREAM and Making this planet a better place to live, we are committed!


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