Manoj Govind Purohit (born 1968) is a proud Indian & native of Nanded, in Maharashtra, who recently migrated to Pune, education hub of India. Few brain children of Manoj Govind Purohit, include- 1. GRES, the computer solution people- Famous institution in the field of Computer Hardware and Networking Training since past 18 years. 2. GREAT ACHIEVERS - A center working in the field of self development subjects since past Eight years. Track proven, courses-seminars-workshops are researched and delivered for all age groups. 3. Sri Sri Ravishankar Bal Mandir, Nanded - An Art of Living initiative to value education, a popular pre-primary school at Nanded. Manoj Govind Purohit is founder of this prestigious school in Nanded. 4. SMEM... (Save Mother Earth Moment)... a movement dedicated to discouraging use of plastics, less use of electricity, saving energy, rain water re-harvesting etc. Academically he is graduate of Science (1988) followed by post graducation in Business Administration (1990) & Diploma in Labour Laws (1991). Professionally he is Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), A+ CompTIA Certfied Professional;, Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), Certfied Student Counselor (CSC), Neuro LInguistic Practitioner (NFNLP), Voice Over Artiste(VOA). Manoj is in business since past twenty five years. His area of work during these twenty five years was more of consultation, guidance and motivation to the students and everybody who came in touch of him. Almost more than lakh students, entrepreneurs, parents, professionals are directly or indirectly benefited, inspired due to his talks and discussions in person as well as in seminars, workshops. He renders his services as a Teacher for world renowned course of Art of Living called, Happiness Program since 2010. Couple of books written by Manoj are helping students in IT industry at different levels. Few more books written by him are in pipeline and will be published soon contains subjects like Effective Parenting, Goals Management, Stress Management, Time Management, Study Smart, Happy Married Life, Personal Excellence etc., will be published soon. In his opinion, it is one’s duty to work for the society and social causes, because whatever we become, it is the credit of the society that taught us real life lessons.


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