Aptitude Testing (AT)

Aptitude Testing & Career Guidance Program For Students of 9th to 12th Grades.

Aptitude Tests are designed to see how you are prepared with different subjects, it also clarifies your abilities profile and your potential. We specialize in both Online Aptitude tests as well as Offline (Paper-Pencil) tests.

Aptitude tests assess a range of different abilities that you use almost every day.There are several different tests, which uniquely identify your aptitudes and abilities: numerical ability, mechanical ability, reasoning ability, spatial ability, verbal ability and so forth.

What is in the Report?
Once student undergoes the test, taking the results into account, we chart a profile that is representative of the student’s aptitudes, interests, and personality.

The computerized report consists of student’s standing on the aptitudes, an explanation of the student’s performance, personality assessments, as well as recommendations and suggestions relating to suitable career options. The report will be accompanied by a personal counseling session. The personal counseling session is collective effort of bridging aptitude test results and student’s likes, talents, hobbies, personality traits, and will help you explore careers that fit with your personality. So you can say that the Aptitude Test helps you find promising careers that best suits you.

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