Engineering Branch Selection Test (EBST)

Let’s Talk about Stream (Branch) Selection.

This year, in June, I have been invited to deliver a guidance talk on Careers after Twelfth and doubt clearance about engineering admissions, specially about forms and options filing. As my own son’s admissions and related research was pending, I was in a dilemma about to go or not to go. But thinking that lot of students and parents will be benefited by my sharing, I decided to go.
Most of the parents and even students are in a kind of psychological pressure, tension during this period. This might be out of curiosity about their ward’s performance, it might also about the college he has to file for admissions. A parent may be literate, educated or not educated; I have seen parents across pan India getting tensed and anxious.
The most common questions are:
Which stream of engineering is good for my child?
Well, the best answer is, based on Aptitude Tests and Engineering Stream Selection Test, one can decide the best option for your child. But most parents go with the wind or go with the trend. This leads them into frustration later.
Which college is good for my child?
Well, you have to understand that even if you know some xyz college is good for your ward but to qualify to such a college you need to wait for the results may be JEE or may be MHCET exams. Then only you will able to judge whether or not your child will qualify the admission criteria for that college. So for time being don’t bother yourself about the college.
Which stream has the best scope for future?
Well, my answer to this question is that, every engineering stream has equal opportunity for those who want to work hard to achieve success. Because engineering education is not an ordinary education, an engineer is different than every learned professional on this planet. But yes, your interest and abilities can take you miles ahead of others. So don’t look at which stream has best scope? Look at what suits you? Where do your abilities have scope?
By the way let me be very frank and open about this, every student face similar question just like I mentioned above and I provide same answers to the students and their parents asking these questions. Though these questions are very important, critical but telling you the truth, think over your questions, take guidance of experienced person from your parent’s circle, see the way industry is growing, take an aptitude test, take an interest test, take our branch selection test, and you will find path to reach successful career.
You have to understand that few engineering streams like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, and Software are called basic branches, then follows application Branches of Engineering where the application of basic branches will be considered like for example, Civil Engineering Applied Branches are Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mining Engineering. Whereas Electrical Engineering Applied Branches are Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Optical Engineering, Power Engineering. Mechanical Engineering Applied Branches include Acoustical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Power Plant Engineering. Chemical Engineering has applied engineering branches as Polymer Engineering, Plastic Technology, Petrochemical and Textiles. Electronics has applied engineering branches like Electronics and Telecommunications, Instrumentation, Industrial Electronics, Bio-Medical Instrumentation etc.
If you look at above list, it’s quite obvious that you will be confused to decide whether you select basic branch or applied branch. To clarify on this, I must say that basic branches are really fundamental knowledge branches; they will provide you basic, concrete, sound knowledge. Once your basics are strong you can apply the knowledge learnt in any industry. Applied branches has more challenging environment as they have to keep themselves updated with the latest trend and demand of the industry.
To conclude I would like to repeat what I have said earlier, the whole decision making process is dependent on the way you score in your final and entrance exams. The ball is in the court of the student. Admissions are based on mere numbers that you score in your final exam. So get prepared for the exams, score the best of your abilities and let your result speak about your performance.
Trust me you will get the best possible college and branch too!
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