Parents to Understand

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Parents to Understand

1. Sending their children to multiple classes regardless of their talent & interest is not the best approach.
2. It is a high cost action yet does not provide any solid solution.
3. It also makes the children over-stressed.
4. Can their children can absorb as per the input?
5. We all have talents.
6. No one has all talents.

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Best Approach

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test (DMIT), is the best way to help parents take the right decision for their children. Also, it is the only scientific one.
Through decades of research, scientists found out that our fingerprints implicit the simultaneousness of the development between our fingerprints and human brains neocortex.
Identify children’s talents.
Build their talents into strengths as well as to fulfill the ultimate need of self-actualization

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What makes DMIT work

It is a revolutionary system that identifies the most prevalent human intrinsic potential with the theory of human genetic inheritance

The system introduces 4 dominant Personality Types, 5 Learning Styles, 8 Intelligence, 10 Intrinsic Potential of Brain and Learning Sensitivity Index. With thousands of possible combinations, it reveals the best way to be translated into education, personal and career success.

Completely scientific approach towards analyzing and understanding an individuals preferred learning styles and learning models

In developing this system, Dermatoglyphics Experts have conducted psychological and physiological pattern profiles with more than 500 thousand individuals since 1985 across China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia to generate a database for cross comparison study which can helps individual to learn the way to discover their inner potential.

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