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Teachers are the generation builders. They are the real nation builders. If they start performing to the optimistic abilities, no one can stop India from becoming number one country in the world.

But even though often less acknowledged, the importance of a good teacher is enormous in India. No doubt teachers play a vital role in the overall development of the students to up bring them as a mature youth.

Teachers are not only responsible for imparting academic knowledge, but are also responsible for inculcating the right values, habits and principles to their students. These values, habits and principles can then go to generations. Hence it is rightly said that a teacher always remains as the Light House in their student’s life.

The importance of teachers is especially enormous during the formative years of children when they first join school. Therefore it is very important to have professionally qualified teachers to ensure the right development of students.

We provide brain storming sessions to bring the best possible abilities in a teacher.

There are many aspect of education that we cover in this workshop they include,
Modernization in Education
How will be Future Education?
Understanding Child psychology
How a Teacher can become a Leader
Changing Education System
How Role of Teacher became more challenging in 21st Century
Self-assessing methodologies
Modern ways of Coaching Styles
Presentation Skills
Speaking Skills

Special Key points of this workshop
The workshop will be for only 5-10 people to have trainer’s personal attention
In house training at the GREAT ACHIEVERS’ decided venue.
We will provide you ready to use modules & presentations on which you have to build your subjects.
We will provide you sufficient practice and practical training in a very friendly atmosphere that will assure each participant’s reasonable success post the workshop.
Individual consideration of each participant leading to participant-centered instruction by professionals.
We assure you that your presentation begins the moment you start attending the workshop.
Each participant will be judged by not only experts of the workshop but by other participants also.
Each participant’s presentations will be videotaped and evaluated. Thereby, you will receive one-on-one feedback and coaching after each presentation.


We believe classroom teachers are the key to a prosperous future of our kids apart from parents.
By providing a proper teaching adopting a proper way, we can help children lead fuller and more productive lives. Hence teachers are tasked with an awesome responsibility and have much to accomplish with very little discretionary classroom time.
The better your support, the more likely your teachers will be able to help you achieve great development of your child.
A teacher's workshop is a key element to make him/her more comfortable while going in the class. We witnessed many occasions in our childhood that a specific teachers were your most favorite and few you disliked.
This workshop will definitely bring a change in the way teachers can present themselves to class. Its the workshop that cleanses the teaching skills that teachers already have, but the difference is that, it gives them a constructive and result oriented approach in whatever they are doing in the class.
This workshop was developed based on our own experiences as teachers. We've been through those trying years of trying to find what works, not only in theory, but in day-to-day reality! This workshop is all about sharing those ideas to help you stay on top of it all.
The workshop consists of meditation, yoga, music, dance and fun, this workshop brings inner capabilties of teachers and makes them flourish.
It makes a teacher more adaptive to the classroom so that temper or short temper becomes rare thing in his appearances.

In this workshop, you will learn:

1. The TOP 3 "must-know" bits of advice that every teacher can't live without!
2. Practical and effective classroom management strategies.
3. Self-Assessment techniques.
4. How to organize a classroom that is conducive to learning.
5. How to have a fabulous day in the school.
6. Ways to effectively communicate with parents.

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