SSC board appearing students as well as CBSE board Xth standard students really work hard towards preparing for their board or Xth grade exams. They had already gone through the period when they have heard parents, teachers, elders and relatives telling them that this is the most important semifinal like match for them and they must perform the best possible to have admissions to good college etc.

These student prepare the subject best but many a times they in the last fortnight or last ten days of exams they either start losing their interest due to over studying or they just start overlooking the subject thinking that it has been prepared well. Some student also starts facing difficulties in coping with the final day pressures. Anxiety, tension and restlessness are the other factors keeping them distracted from what they have to do in final days of exams.

During this period comes in to picture… Udaan, Countdown to exams
This workshop also deals with maintaining the correct metabolism by taking proper diet and taking care of what to eat and what no to. It also deals with the worries in their mind and the concerns that are stopping them performing to their optimum.

This action packed, knowledge and hands on practice workshop gives its participants an insight about how to cope up with last minute pressure, tension, anxiety and restlessness of exam. It also delivers the final day important guidelines before leaving to exam halls.

A Tenth grade student can face the exam with a great confidence as he walks out of the workshop.

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