Youngster's Encouragement Program (YEP)


Youngster's Encouragement Program (YEP)

Most of the parents today complain about their youngster or adolescent that he or she
Don’t listen don’t try to understand busy in only mobiles
Busy in only Internet busy in only Facebook busy with their friends
Not serious very adamant etc… etc.

This way the list of common complaints about teenagers is never ending. A teenager has become a problem today. In fact many parents have started equating those two terms, teenager and problem. But that is not the complete truth. The second side of the coin is parents are not ready to accept the teenagers as they are. They are comparing their own adolescence with their teenagers… which is not the correct way living with today’s teenager.

This workshop is designed to make teenager aware of their issues on personal level i.e. in body, in mind and in thoughts, on social level and on emotional level as well as on study level.
This workshop gives a clear direction to the teenagers about understanding issues around them. Thereby they can decide the best possible alternatives they can think of. This workshop also give them a clear insight about threats of misuse of social media networking such as Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media networking tools.

This workshop is packed with expert advice, key strategies & examples of optimistic living for the youngsters’ mind and thoughts... Plus there are plenty of indirect benefits of this workshop.
A youngster won’t remain the same as he walks out of the workshop.

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