“Empower To Transform”

Why this book?

Growing up, I witnessed first-hand how society treated women unfairly. At home, most mothers were tasked only with domestic duties, and family decisions were always decided by men. As I furthered my studies at the university, I couldn’t help but notice the senior positions such as chancellors, dean of studies, and head of departments were always occupied by men. Another observation that I made was that programs or courses that were perceived as ‘complex’ had more male professors than their female counterparts.

These observations got me thinking, why is the society set up that way? And as my young mind tried to make sense of all these things, I graduated and joined the job market. After years of being in the financial services industry, I couldn’t help but ponder on how greatly gender inequality has infiltrated our organizations and society in general.

My key motivation behind writing Empower to Transform was my vision of a society where women have equal opportunities to men.

The journey of writing this book started on one fine evening after coming across a news story on how the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase of incidents in domestic violence.

And as if that’s not enough, the same women were also overburdened by domestic chores. After looking up the matter even further, I realized that the effects of the pandemic were particularly more severe to women than men. Females who had to work at home found it next to impossible to operate under distractions from kids, their husbands, and the chores they had to do. Fast forward towards the end of the pandemic, most women couldn’t return to their jobs because of falling behind on many projects.

Writing this book was quite interesting for me. And I have to say that I really enjoyed discovering new ideas related to empowering women to transform.

About the book

“Empower to Transform” is an in-depth analysis of gender inequality and some of the concepts that revolve around it. This aspect that has received a lot of attention from researchers still remains a mystery to most people. Due to the lack of understanding on the matter, most women find themselves unable to pull through from the chains that oppress and prevent them from achieving success.

This analysis starts by exploring the effects and dangers of atrocities on women. It then digs deeper to matters related to equality at home and work, diversity and inclusion, women in leadership, role of men in women empowerment and empower to transform.

Other than introducing the society to the merits of women empowerment, this is a guide that will motivate and inspire women of all ages, races and ethnicities to revolt against the social injustice that they face.

It’s not your ordinary self-help book as it dives into the core issues that need to be addressed when it comes to empowering women. That aside, this book also touches on some of the most sensitive topics such as diversity and inclusion which not only affect women but also people of different races.

Full of well-researched and discussed topics, this is a book that will change your perspective towards gender equality. Written for both women and men, “Empower to Transform” leaves you with a lot of valuable information long after you have turned the final page.

 Niraja Bandi 

Author , Mentor to One Million Talent family

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